Earn the rewards with Arummi at T&S Club


Earn the rewards with Arummi at T&S Club


Thank you, incredible cashew

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated cashew farmers who make our delicious products possible.

Indonesia proudly stands as one of the Top 10 Cashew Producers globally, with an astounding 99.8% of cashew farms owned by local farmers.

By purchasing more cashew products, you directly contribute to their livelihoods and the sustainable growth of their communities.


Arummi practices sustainable sourcing by obtaining cashews from local farmers. Sustainable sourcing from local farmers presents a multitude of advantages:

Environmental Impact

Sourcing from local farmers reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation of produce. By minimizing the distance between farms and consumers, it decreases greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and fuel consumption

Prospering cashew local farmers

The revenue generated through local sourcing often circulates within the community, further stimulating economic development.

Consumer well-being

Proximity to local farms allows for the delivery of fresher produce to consumers.

Arummi's Sustainable Effort

Arummi in collaboration with Bumiterra is working on a restoration activity in West Borneo.

This project is executed directly by Bumiterra. From the POV photo from above, the project area was less green than the surrounding area.

In January 2024, Arummi will start the planting process of 575 seedlings or young plants which will create a healthy ecosystem formed from more than 20 plant species planted.



Experience the authentic essence of our signature Cashew Milk, delightfully creamy and fragrant.


Our specialized Cashew Milk is infused with a robust aroma, perfect for frothing and steaming.


Bring the goodness of Arummi closer to your homes

Starting as an online-only brand, Arummi has grown steadily and now proudly reaches over 360+ supermarkets and groceries stores across Java, Bali and Sumatra first-tier cities.