Earn the rewards with Arummi at T&S Club


Earn the rewards with Arummi at T&S Club


Arummi is bringing healthy hearty food in every family’s table

Two lactose-intolerant founders of Arummi went on a mission to find a suitable plant-based milk. Disappointed by the limited options available, they discovered that imported plant-based milks were costly and didn’t taste good.

This fueled their determination to create a solution. They set out to develop their own plant-based milk that would meet their dietary needs and provide a delicious and affordable option.

Thus, Arummi was born, driven by their personal experiences and the aim to offer a better alternative to others in the same situation.

After just two years since its launch, Arummi has been warmly embraced by both the retail and food service markets. Highlighting this success, Mikael Jasin, Arummi Brand Ambassador, won the 2024 World Barista Championship with his signature milk innovation, D.O.A., which combines dairy, oat, and Arummi.


Increasing Options of Lactose-Free Milk Produced Locally

Indonesia needs more diverse lactose-free milk options to cater to its predominantly lactose-intolerant population.

Supporting Farmers and Expanding the Market

By becoming the leading producer of local UHT cashew milk, we contribute to the growth of the industry, ultimately leading to happier farmers.

Enhancing Sustainability through Hyper-Local Production

Hyper-local production reduces carbon footprint, prioritizes sustainability, and fosters an eco-friendly manufacturing system.



Our choice to offer cashew as our product stems from its high fiber content and numerous health benefits. As a plant-based milk alternative, cashew milk provides a creamy texture that rivals dairy milk. Moreover, its delectable taste and heavenly aroma make it a delightful and satisfying option for discerning palates.


Opting for plant-based milk is a conscious choice that allows you to reduce your intake of dairy milk while making a positive impact on the environment. This alternative promotes a more eco-friendly lifestyle and supports the well-being of our planet.

Arummi also  support cashew farmers and their community by collaborating with them directly, providing fair opportunities, and supporting their livelihoods. Together, we strive for sustainable growth and a brighter future for the cashew farming community.


In 2020, Cashew Nuts accounted for 3.5% of Indonesia’s total seasonal crop farming exports, solidifying Indonesia’s position as one of the Top 10 Cashew Producers in the world.

However, cashew consumption among Indonesians is relatively low, mainly because people perceive it to be more expensive compared to peanuts.

This perception should change, as cashews offer numerous benefits for our health and well-being. Cashews are packed with unsaturated fat, copper, magnesium, and manganese, providing essential nutrients for a balanced diet.



Experience the authentic essence of our signature Cashew Milk, delightfully creamy and fragrant.


Our specialized Cashew Milk is infused with a robust aroma, perfect for frothing and steaming.


Bring the goodness of Arummi closer to your homes

Starting as an online-only brand, Arummi has grown steadily and now proudly reaches over 360+ supermarkets and groceries stores across Java, Bali and Sumatra first-tier cities.