Earn the rewards with Arummi at T&S Club


Earn the rewards with Arummi at T&S Club

arummi barista

Arummi Barista is Released in Indonesia!

Arummi Barista is here in Indonesia for those of you who like plant-based milk and want to experience a sensational taste that is different from the nutty taste of cashew milk.

This Arummi Barista is different from the classic one! If you have read some of our recipe blogs such as latte, then one of the mandatory ingredients is Arummi barista milk.

Let’s get to know Arummi Barista better!

Arummi Barista’s Excellence

Arummi Barista is unique because of its taste. It tastes lighter, but still feels creamy. This milk can be varied in various drinks such as coffee or as a complement for foods.

Some of the advantages of Arummi Barista are:

a. Nutty and Savory Taste

The distinctive nutty and savory taste of cashew nuts will make you satisfied and refreshed.

b. Suitable for Additive to Food and Drinks

The cashew milk is suitable as an additie, especially made for mixing food and drinks, making your cooking full of taste.

c. Easy to Froth

The texture remains creamy and is easy to froth to form a good foam texture. Suitable for beverage creations, such as coffee, tea, matcha, chocolate and many more. Your creations will be tastier and look good in the eye.

Difference between Arummi Barista and Classic

The difference between Arummi Barista and classic lies in its nutritional content. In addition, the barista has less sugar than the classic version. The Arummi Barista contains 4 grams of sugar. Meanwhile in classic Arummi, the sugar is 9 grams.

Let’s Drink Arummi Barista!

Arummi Barista is here for those of you who want plant-based milk that is delicious and good for your health, even for those who are looking for delicious toppings, main ingredients or substitute ingredients for various foods and drinks.

Come taste the fresh and creamy Arummi Barista at the supermarket in your city!


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Bring the goodness of Arummi closer to your homes

Starting as an online-only brand, Arummi has grown steadily and now proudly reaches over 360+ supermarkets and groceries stores across Java, Bali and Sumatra first-tier cities.