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Earn the rewards with Arummi at T&S Club

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Arummi and Bumiterra Collaborate to Make a Greener West Kalimantan

Arummi, the pioneer brand of the first cashew milk in Indonesia, is working with Bumiterra to fight for restoration by regenerating forests and maintaining planetary balance.

This activity is Arummi’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and participate in supporting environmental conservation and fighting climate change.

Indonesia and Climate Change

Indonesia’s forests are extensive, As quoted from the Nusantara Nature Conservation website, the government has classified more than 120 million hectares of forest. However, according to the Ministry of Environment and Environment website, the condition of forests in Indonesia is worrying because of logging, whether carried out legally or illegally. Indonesia’s deforestation (forest cutting) rate is also quite large, namely 3.8 million hectares per year, contributing greatly to carbon emissions.

Of course, this level of deforestation is worrying because forests are a natural habitat for various flora and fauna and can prevent natural disasters such as floods and global warming. Failure to handle this man-made disaster can cause loss of life.

Ecosystem restoration can be a solution to climate change. Trees can absorb CO2 efficiently and have other benefits, such as regenerating ecosystems and wildlife.

So, this is where Arummi and Bumiterra play a role, namely reforestation of 1 hectare of forest. Arummi chose this step because forest reforestation will have a long-term impact, not just in the short term.

Arummi Collaboration with Bumiterra

Arummi’s form of collaboration with Bumiterra specifically is restoration activities in West Kalimantan, precisely in Rumbih Village, Sintang Regency.

This restoration activity was carried out directly by Bumiterra. Before this project started, according to the POV photo from above, it can be seen that the project area was less green than its surroundings.

This “planting” is not just about planting trees but also paying attention to the diversity of the plants being planted and the restoration of the environment. It is hoped that a healthy environmental ecosystem will be created from this effort.

Arummi has completed 575 seedlings (young plants), and the planting will be implemented on January 1st, 2024.

Arummi and Bumiterra are Ready to Make Indonesia Greener!

Reforestation can prevent the impacts of climate change and natural disasters because of human intervention and create a healthier environmental ecosystem.

Hopefully, Indonesia can be greener and have a better quality environment after this collaboration!


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