Earn the rewards with Arummi at T&S Club


Earn the rewards with Arummi at T&S Club

ice coconut jelly

Ice Coconut Jelly Recipe – Fresh Beverage for Suhoor and Breaking The Fast

When breaking the fast, one drink that give a fresh sensation is ice coconut.

In this article, Arummi will give you a delicious coconut jelly ice recipe to make breaking your fast really delicious. In fact, this ice coconut jelly can also be consumed at suhoor for an all-round fast!

Ice Coconut Jelly Ingredients

  • 500 ml Arummi Cashew Milk
  • 500 g Coconut flesh
  • 500 ml coconut water
  • 3 packs of powdered jelly
  • Sugar
  • Pandan paste
  • Ice

How to Make Ice Coconut Jelly

1. Blend coconut flesh and 50 ml Arumi Cashew Milk

2. Divide into three parts, set aside to make jelly and ice sauce

3. Then, make 3 types of jelly (orange coconut jelly, original coconut jelly, and clear pandan jelly)

4. Finally, mix all the ingredients together, the coconut jelly ice is ready to eat

Let’s Enjoy the Freshness of Ice Coconut Jelly together with Arummi Cashew Milk

Apart from coconut and jelly powder, the main ingredient in this coconut jelly ice is Arummi cashew milk.

Get Arummi cashew milk at the nearest supermarket.

Let’s drink a glass of Arummi for an all-round fast!


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