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cashew nuts in Indonesia is a great commodity

4 Exciting Things You Need to Know about Cashew Nuts in Indonesia

Indonesia, recognized as a culinary haven, has countless rich food ingredients. The cashew nut is among the notable components contributing to the country’s culinary richness. This is not just an ordinary snack but a symbol of Indonesia’s culinary diversity and identity. 

Let’s explore some cool facts about cashews in Indonesia!

1. Indonesia is One of Top 10 Countries that Produce Cashew Nuts Globally

According to data from the Directorate General of Plantations, the area allocated for cashew plantations reached 479.726 hectares, with total production reaching 165.868 tons in 2020. Furthermore, based on information from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Indonesia secured its position as the world’s tenth-largest cashew nut producer in 2018.

Looking back at the cashew nut production in Indonesia from 1975 to 2018, there were significant ups and downs. In 1976, the production was at its lowest, with 7.176 tons, and reached its highest point in 2008 at 156.652 tons.

These fluctuations in production don’t solely result from weather conditions. Still, they are also influenced by progress in agricultural technology and government regulations. Despite these ups and downs, Indonesia still plays a significant role in the global cashew industry.

2. Indonesia is a Leading Cashew Nut Producer

The development of cashews has been a longstanding priority in Indonesia, particularly in arid regions of the eastern and western parts of the country. Kebun Induk Jambu Mete UPTD Perkebunan Walambenowite, the only seed-graft cashew plantation, is located in Muna Regency, Southeast Sulawesi.

Wonogiri is the center of cashew nut production, especially in several sub-districts with the highest production levels. Jatiroto, Ngadirojo, Sidoharjo, and Jatisrono sub-districts are the main contributors to cashew production, producing thousands of tons annually.

The presence of these crops contributes significantly to the national supply of cashew nuts. It has a positive impact by creating jobs and increasing income for local communities.

3. Cashew Nuts Emerge as a Key Export Product for Indonesia

Cashew nuts, a delicious food we often enjoy as a snack, play a crucial role in Indonesia’s economy. Despite being ranked 10th in the list of global producers, cashew nuts have become one of the country’s leading export commodities and have received positive recognition in the international market. 

The average export value of Indonesian cashew products from 2017 to 2020 is around US$ 119.938.25 yearly. In 2020, the number of cashew logs and nuts exports reached 85.584 tons, with a total value of US$ 149.75 million.

Furthermore, Indonesia holds a competitive edge as a cashew producer. This is evident in the distinct harvesting seasons; Indonesia harvests from November to December, whereas India, Vietnam, and other African nations conduct their harvests from February to April. Being geographically closer to Vietnam and India, the processing centers for cashew logs, Indonesia benefits from reduced transportation expenses compared to African nations engaged in cashew log exports.

Indonesia is dedicated to upholding the excellence of cashew nuts as a globally recognized top export. There are ongoing efforts to offer facilities, train farmers, provide guidance to ensure product quality and quantity, and enhance the processing of cashew nuts to increase their value significantly.

4. Cashew Milk: A Delicious Innovation from Indonesian’s Cashews

Cashew milk is an original Indonesian culinary innovation, appealing to many with its unique flavor. Beyond satisfying the taste buds, this drink also serves high nutritional content, such as protein and fiber. Moreover, cashew milk is a good choice if you are lactose intolerant and looking for plant-based milk.

Cashew milk also appeals to those who prioritize health. It contains beneficial nutrients and boasts its low sugar; cashew milk aligns with a balanced lifestyle. Its yummy taste and health benefits make it a good option for many people.

Arummi’s Recommendation: Let’s Drink Cashew Milk!

As the pioneer of cashew milk in Indonesia, Arummi is committed to the “grass to glass” principle. This principle represents a commitment to growing cashew nuts from quality local seeds by empowering local Indonesian farmers. 

Through state-of-the-art processing, Arummi produces delicious, creamy, and nutritious cashew nut drinks. All are designed for everyday family enjoyment. Let’s enjoy the nutty and creamy delights of Arummi products at your nearest supermarket!


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