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cashew milk for kids

Cashew Milk for Children – Is It Safe to Consume It?

If your child is allergic to cow’s milk, many other milk options can be given to people who have this condition. Cashew milk could be an option. What are the benefits of cashew milk for children?

Cashew Milk’s Content

Cashew milk is relatively less sweet than milk made from other nuts, and it is known to have fewer calories.

Cashew milk is rich in nutrients for a wide age range. Cashew milk is equipped with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the body, such as Calcium, Vitamins D, E, B2, B12, and B9 (Folic Acid).

Cashew milk contains fat, calcium, and vitamins D, E, and A, which are more or less the same as other plant-based milk.

Regarding taste, cashew milk has a less nutty taste than almond or soy milk. Cashew milk also tends to be creamier and thicker, with a consistency like coconut milk and a smoother taste so it won’t spoil the taste of other foods it’s mixed with. Suitable for use as a mixture for smoothies, pudding, cakes, and other children’s favorite foods.

When Do Children Can Consume Cashew Milk?

Nuts can be given since the baby is six months old or has received complementary foods for breast milk. However, the texture of the beans must be adjusted according to their age. It is not recommended to give whole nuts because it risks causing the baby to choke.

Before the child is two years old, it is recommended to give nuts that have been crushed and mixed with water so that the texture is not too thick and the child can swallow them easily.

Apart from that, you can grind nuts into powder and sprinkle them on top of your food. The next way is to give cashew milk. Cashew milk is known to be beneficial and liked by children.

Benefits of Cashew Milk for Children

Cashew milk also has good health benefits; here are the benefits of cashew milk for children:

1. Maintain Eye Health

Cashews contain high levels of lutein and zeaxanthin compounds, both of which are often found in vegetables and fruit.

For the human body, these two compounds help prevent cell damage in the eyes caused by free radicals.

2. Improves Bone Health

Cashew milk contains magnesium, phosphorus, and copper, which help maintain healthy bones

3. Improves Skin Health

    Cashew milk contains vitamin E, which helps maintain healthy skin.

    Choose the best cashew milk for children!

    Cashew milk is very beneficial for children. But make sure you choose cashew milk with the best content and quality.

    Want to enjoy delicious Arummi cashew milk for children while getting various benefits? Let’s get it in your nearest supermarket!


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